Start Planning Your Landscaping Projects

Deciding what you want to do is one thing, but budgeting, and planning for it is another. But worry not. Here are some tips that will help you figure out how much you can spend when upgrading your outdoor areas.

Landscaping Budgeting Tips

Your landscaping products budget should accomplish two goals:

  1. Render you with the outdoor space of your dreams
  2. Enhance the curb appeal and value of your home

landscaping products budget

To Achieve Those Goals, Your Budget Should Be:

Divisible: Your landscaping project might have many parts, like an outdoor kitchen, new interlocking paving stones, or landscape lighting. Split your project into elements and how much it will cost to get them, including labor if you plan on using a contractor.

Easy-to-follow: Each dollar spent is an investment. Not knowing where the money goes will hurt the long-term value of your project. Everything from the soil and mulch to outdoor kitchen appliances should be tracked.

Realistic: Set a down to earth budget. Be honest about what you desire and what you can afford to spend.

Flexible: Be prepared for unexpected costs. Add in some buffer dollars for any extra expenses.

Build Your Budget

Make an inventory of everything you want in your new landscaping, such as:

Then, take your master wish list and narrow it down by leaving just priority items. Determine which features will get the most use or provide the most enjoyment to you.

landscaping products budget

Decide what you are willing to invest and talk budget up front with a professional landscaping company. And to understand how much landscaping supplies cost, call All Around Soil & Stone at 303-280-0815. We can help you out with general product inquiries such as prices for mulch, decorative stones, compost and much more!