Making the Most Out of This Common Landscaping Material

The primary use of landscape fabric is to form a barrier above the soil that prevents weeds from growing in your garden. It is also used sometimes for erosion control on hillsides until the mulch or planted shrubs take a good hold of the soil on their own. Dog owners can find it useful as well if their pets like to dig, deterring them from uprooting a freshly planted garden.

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The fabric helps control weed seeds traveling through the air from landing on good soil and germinating, and if the seeds are already on the ground below, the barrier prevents them from receiving the necessary sunlight, air, and organic nutrients from above.

Our heavy duty commercial grade landscaping fabric rolls are much more durable than other fabrics sold at hardware and retail stores; plus, we have the most competitive prices in Northern Denver. They are available for pick-up at our landscape supplies pick-up yard in Broomfield, or we can also deliver all over the Denver Metro Area.

How to Install Landscaping Fabric

Before installing your fabric, make sure to clean the area of any weeds, rocks, and debris. After these items have been removed, it is also recommended to spray the area with any weed repellent. Let it sit for a day or two before you begin to lay down your fabric.

When laying down the fabric, allow enough coverage to overlap your seams 3 to 4 inches. Use fabric pins to hold the seams down, or you could also use spare nails if you have them hanging around. If you are covering a sloped area, start at the bottom of the hill and then work your way up.

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Galvanized Steel Edging

We suggest you use our commercial high-grade landscaping fabric. It allows water to flow thru the material, and it does not tear when the rock is applied. We also carry all the edging and fabric pins and galvanized edging steel to complete your landscaping project within the Denver Metro Area!