4 Tips to Protect Your Landscaped Yard from the Colder Temperatures

protect your landscaped yard from the winter

Colorado is a beautiful state blessed with amazing natural scenarios that provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy its outdoor wonders year round. Each season offers a unique experience, as the different weather allows to explore different landscapes and activities depending on the time of the year. Winter in Colorado is particularly fun, with lots of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports making the most out of our state’s winter fame.

Because of the extreme weather changes that we experience during the year, any Coloradan would know to be prepared for each season as far as clothing goes. However, it is also important to take care of our other assets during the colder months, including our home! The following tips will help you prepare and protect your landscaped yard or garden for the winter.

1) Clear Up the Yard

As beautiful as fall is, the season also means that a lot of dead leaves end up on your lawn. It may be fine to mow the over when doing your lawn for a while, but as winter gets near and their quantity increases, it is necessary to rake them up and clear the grass so that they don’t end up frozen below layers of snow. Also, if you have any exterior furniture, it may be best to store them away in the garage or a shed if possible, or at least cover them up appropriately to protect the finishes.

check your gutter system before winter

2) Check All Your Water Systems

Freezing temperatures and still water inside pipes are not a good mix. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure to shut off the water and empty the pipes, disconnect all hoses, and store them away for the winter. Now that rain barrels are legal in Colorado, empty and cover it up if you have one. Last but not least, don’t forget to check and clean your gutters before winter begins as to avoid any damage.

3) Prepare Your Lawn

You can use the Farmer’s Almanac to determine when should be your last mow before the winter. Some experts advice to stop mowing after the first fall frost, and you’ll want to use the lowest setting in the mower the last few times. During fall, you may also want to take care of aerating your lawn to allow more nutrients to penetrate the soil and give the grass time to absorb them. Towards the end of the season, you can also apply winter fertilizer to give your lawn an extra boost for the spring.

protect your garden from the winter in Colorado

4) Protect Your Plants

If you have a fruit or vegetable garden, it is time to remove the older plants that are done growing and any weeds that have managed to grow under your watch. As for your flower beds, there are different steps to take depending if you have annual or perennial flowers planted. Unless your annuals are self-seeding, they will need to be pulled up; otherwise, they will not make it for the next year. Perennial flowers can be expected to return; however, they will need extra mulch after the first frost and to be cut back so the new flowers can bloom in the spring. You can also plant some spring bulbs and shrubs during the fall, so they’ll be ready to bloom when the weather starts to warm up again!

is your lawn ready for winter?

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