Help Your Stamped Concrete to Preserve Its Beauty for Longer

Decorative stamped concrete is one of homeowners choice of preference because it is less expensive than other pavers and natural stone. Color patterns and textures are unlimited. It can be used almost anywhere, in driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways. And, it is relatively easy to maintain because it has no joints where weed growth can occur.

But, as with any other part of your home, especially those exposed to the elements, maintenance should be performed to extend its beauty for longer.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips

Sweep the Surface

Sweeping is essential for keeping your stamped concrete surfaces in good shape. Debris that stay for too long can stain stamped concrete. Remove dead leave, loose dirt, and other debris from the outdoor surface with a broom or a leaf blower for extra assistance.

how to care for stamped concreteWet Mop The Surface With Mild Detergent

Create an effective cleaning solution by adding a few drops any mild detergent, like dish soap, to your water mop. Stay away from chemical-based cleaners as these can damage the surface.

Pressure Wash the Outdoor Surface

Use a machine of compressed water to remove leaf stains, and grease spots. You can rent a pressure washer at your local hardware store.

It is important to mention that while concrete is strong, you have to make sure that the pressure washer is not on too high a setting. Putting it under a nozzle with too much pressure equals to having it look weathered by the elements.

Also, don’t forget to move the hose back and forth, not leaving it in one place for too long.

Sealing Your Stamped Concrete

seal stamped concreteYou should reseal your stamped concrete surfaces every 2-3 years. Sealing will prevent staining, making it chemical resistant and waterproof. It will prevent water and frost penetration which can lead to cracking. We strongly advise you to call a professional to do the task.

By following the above tips you will ensure to protect the integrity of your stamped concrete for decades.

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