Landscaping with Recycled or Broken  Concrete

You may think of broken concrete as nothing but another material to waste but it can be re-used to add new features to your garden or yard. Reusing recycled or broken concrete keeps the material out of the landfill, which lowers carbon footprint. Before you try to figure out how to toss off the concrete from an old path or driveway, think of ways you could reuse it in your yard.

Building Vertical Planters

Create a short planter or garden wall with broken pieces of concrete that are about the same height. To start, dig down six inches to build a base for the wall. Add three inches of sand in the trench. Stack the broken concrete pieces to form an even wall. As you build, check regularly with a level to make sure it’s even.

Making Patios or Walkways

You can take advantage of large pieces of old concrete using them as pavers or stones in a walkway or patio. Broken concrete is typically irregularly shaped, a perfect substitute for flagstone. Use the concrete chunks as you would use pavers. Before laying down the concrete pieces, dig out the area and put a base of crushed rock or sand. This will make the water drain better through the soil, than when using poured concrete.

Mulchrecycle concrete for landscaping

Recycled concrete can be used as an attractive substitute for landscaping mulch or stone.

Retaining Walls

Use larger pieces of recycled concrete to fill the gabions, rather than rocks.

Sub-Base Gravel

Before laying new pathways in your yard, a layer of gravel must be used. Instead of using new gravel, you can use recycled gravel.

Now that you know how concrete can be reused, you can start your new landscaping project in Colorado. Contact All Around Soil & Stone. We are a landscaping provider you can trust. Our products include recycled concrete, sand & gravel, play sand, flagstones, wall rocks & cobblestones, boulders, and many other landscaping supplies.