What is Rip Rap Rock?

Rip rap-rock refers to rocks ranging in shape and in size from 6 to 30 inches in diameter. Boulders, cobbles, fieldstone (river rock), granite, limestone or trap rocks are used to stabilize and protect areas subject to erosion. Also, they are used to improve the stability of soil slopes that have poor soil structure or are subject to seepage.

Using Rip Rap Around a Pond

colorado rip rap rockIf you want a backyard pond or already have one that irrigates your plants, provide a wildlife habitat or use for fishing, you may consider using rocks around it. The pond’s water should not rush outside its boundaries and flood the surrounding areas. Also, ponds with banks that are constantly exposed to flowing water will begin to crumble and erode over time. Using rip-rap rocks around your pond will avoid having water runoff into your garden. Fortify the pond’s banks to fight erosion.

Rip Rap Rock Sizes

4″- 5″ Rocks

Use this size for the prevention of soil erosion in areas that are located on small slopes and drainage ditches. Also, 4″-5″ rocks are often used as a base material for driveways and gravel parking lots.

What is Rip Rap Rock6″- 9″ Rocks

The most popular rip rap rock size to use for erosion control and prevention along ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Also, they are used as a railroad ballast or for creating retaining walls.

10″-  Rocks

Go for this size when you want to protect a shoreline against the effects of erosion or restore banks that have been partially swept away. Finally, you can also use these to fill in large holes or ditches in your landscape area.

The bottom line is to use the correct size of natural rocks that will stand the test of time in Colorado and that doesn’t harm the ecosystem and enhances the curb appeal of your water feature.

Where to Buy Rip Rap Rocks in Colorado?

Colorado residents can count on All Around Stone and Soil to meet all their rip rap rock needs. We offer a variety of our raw fractured naturally colored wall rocks & cobblestones in different sizes. These landscaping rock products are used as accent pieces, for retaining walls, shoreline rip rap, and for manmade water features. Call us at +1 303-280-0815 to speak with a landscaping expert in Colorado.