Are You Looking to Add a Sidewalk or Patio to Your Outdoor Space?

Many homeowners decide to choose stamped concrete pavers because of its numerous benefits. For starters, it is typically one of the less expensive options up front, and extremely durable, and often more slip resistant than conventional concrete. However, there are some long-term factors to consider before you make your decision.

Stubborn Stains

Stamped concrete is stain-resistant, not stain proof. Stains can become permanent if they are allowed to penetrate into the concrete surface. You should sweep and wash the surface periodically to avoid dirt buildup. Residues such as tree sap, grass clippings, or road tar can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a mild detergent.

Cracking and Chipping

Add Sidewalk or Patio to Your Outdoor SpaceAlthough stamped concrete is durable, if neglected it is more prone to crack and chip, especially in harsher climates that experience frost. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasant, but it can also become a safety issue with slipping and tripping hazards.

Color Will Fade

Dirt, traffic, and weathering can decolorate stamped concrete. To keep the original color from fading, concrete needs to be re-tinted and sealed every 2-3 years. Within that time frame, the color will fade, leaving you with a different hue than you initially chose.

No Deicing Salts Are Allow

need landscaping supplies in ColoradoYou should never use salt-based ice melt to remove the ice on stamped concrete. At first, it seems completely harmless, but then you will notice scaling and spalling-by forcing the thawing and refreezing of moisture. Stay away from products containing ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates because they will attack the concrete chemically. As an alternative, use a salt-free ice melt or just sand for traction.

Now that you know the drawbacks of concrete pavers, you will make a savvy decision whether stamped concrete pavers are for you. Other hardscaping options include natural stone pavers such as flagstone.

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