Are You Considering Using River Rock in Your Landscape?

River rock is one of the most attractive materials available in the market for any landscape project. They add curb appeal and offer a simple and beautiful solution to problem areas in any landscaping design. Traditionally, it has been the cheapest, most common rock found here in Colorado.

Unfortunately, at All Around Soil & Stone, we have been notified this year that there is a major river rock shortage. Due to an accelerated growth in the constructions sector, pits are running out of rocks. Many pits are being closed and also crushing all river rock down and using it for infrastructure.

colored River Rock

How River Rock Shortage Impacts Your Landscaping Plans

Here in Colorado, we have been rapidly growing at such a fast pace. Because of the significant amount of buildings currently being constructed, it is creating a major shortage on the aggregate side. The problem is only going to get worse this year and onto the next.

High Demand and Low Supply Increases Costs

We wanted to notify all of our customers that if you are looking to add river rock this year, please keep in mind you ought to put that project as a priority. Landscape suppliers all over the state will be impacted. Supply and demand will take its course, and the rock will be in short supply and pricing could continue to rise.

How to Address the Problem

At All Around Soil & Stone, we have been in this business for over 23 years now. We carry a wide selection of landscape supplies for your outdoor spaces. So, if you need materials for your next landscaping project, call us at 303-280-0815, or drop us an email. We can help you find other alternatives to landscaping with river rock.

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