What is a Concrete Paver Sealer?

Let’s start by defining this fantastic product. A paver sealer is an acrylic or siloxane-based substance. It also has UV-resistant additives for long-lasting protection. You can find penetrating and invisible formulas, or film-forming and aesthetic versions. When applied to your pavers, they tend to look better than new.

Acrylic is a durable, UV stable liquid product that bonds to the surface of the pavers while filling the majority of their small pores.  These sealers typically last up to five years. Siloxane is a penetrating release substance that also fills the concrete paver pores. They can last up to ten years.

Benefits of Sealing Pavers

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The main advantage of sealing your pavers is to extend their beauty and lifespan. This product protects from erosion, the elements, and normal wear and tear.

Keeps them from Fading

Ultraviolet rays cause paver deterioration and ultimately break down from extended exposure to the sun. Even though concrete pavers are naturally durable, the colored pigments can fade little by little. Sealing pavers will keep them from losing their color.

Better Resistance to Staining

In simple words, the sealant makes pavers less porous, which helps limit stains. This means they become less likely to absorb the oil, dirt, wine spills and many other things that can result in stains. Plus, sealed concrete pavers makes spills easier to clean up.

Enhances the Colors

Sealers can highlight the colors, contrasts, and patterns found in your unique concrete pavers, making them more appealing to the eye. Some sealers are formulated to generate a “wet look,” which makes them more attractive patio surfaces.

Sealed Patio Paver

Prevents Displacement

Joint stabilizing sealers stop the movement of pavers caused by the wind and rain. This prevents them from sinking or shifting.

Regardless the sealer you choose, you are protecting your pavers from traffic, the elements and falling debris, so they keep looking great for years to come!

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