2020 Landscaping Trends

Landscaping Trends for 2020

Every year, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) prognosticate design trend experts in the field, determine what will influence Americans as they think about their landscapes in the current year. Here are the main trends for 2020.


With tons of landscaping ideas found on Pinterest and social sharing, people are turning their heads to more personalized landscaping and garden design. National Association of Landscape Professionals anticipates it will be a top landscape design trend this year.

Geometric, Ornate Hardscaping

More and more homeowners are starting to incorporate basketweave, lattice, and wave designs with textured materials into their landscaping. The most popular pattern is the chevron pattern (a repeating V). Expect to see these patterns on patios, retaining walls, fire features, and walkways.trends in ladscaping

Modern and Multi-Purpose Function Designs

Americans are looking for contemporary, sleek landscape designs that look amazing and are functional at the same time. For example, an outdoor kitchen that serves as a place to cook dinner while being a visually appealing space. Also, incorporating elements that can endure a variety of temperatures, such as heat lamps, protective structures, and native plants.

Shades of Blue

Homeowners are looking to integrate popular rich tones of blue into their outside areas. A water feature or a blue sculpture are perfect additions to incorporate touches of the hue. Use plants such as delphinium, grape hyacinth, blue fortune, globe thistle, or hydrangea for sprucing your gardens with shades of blue.landscaping

Smart Irrigation System

Technology is not only for indoor spaces, with the rise of smart devices, high-tech irrigation will also simplify home lawn and garden care while reducing water consumption (you can save up to 50% on water bills).

With these new trends, you can spruce up your outdoor areas to make them look aesthetically pleasing and functional, allowing you to spend more time outdoors year-round.

Best Time to Start Your Landscaping Project

In general, the most comfortable, and most favorable time of the year to embark on a landscaping project is early fall. However, to begin planting perennials, shrubs, and trees, the best months are April and May. Whether it is to upgrade your landscape or to boost your garden, we recommend to get help from the experts and buy your landscaping materials from a reliable landscaping supplier.