4 Landscaping Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Avoid Landscape Damage Due to Cold Weather

Because of the colder temperatures and even early snowfalls, it may seem like working on your landscaped yards is out of the question at the end of fall and early winter. While it is definitely a less demanding time as far as regular maintenance goes, there are a few things you can do to prepare your lawn and garden to grow again next spring, so we want to give you four tips to have a healthy landscape during the winter:

Keep your lawn clear of debris

1) Keep the yard clean of debris and dead foliage

To have a healthy and beautiful looking grass, it is vital to keep your lawn free of dead leaves and other debris, even during the winter. If left there, they will create an extra layer that prevents the sun from reaching the grass leaves underneath, which in turn will complicate the grass growth and strength to make it into the next season.

2) Protect Your Evergreens, Boxwoods, and Lawn

If you have evergreens and boxwoods in your landscape with loose branches, it is best to tie them up to prevent snow damage instead of knocking the accumulated snow off them once in a while. The shrubs may be frozen and extremely fragile, thus very susceptible to breakage.

You can also apply an environmentally friendly moisture sealant to protect your evergreen plants from windburn and freezing. During the winter, try to avoid walking on the frozen lawn as that can create bare spots that won’t disappear until the grass comes out of winter dormancy.

Pruning shears and shrubs

Pruning shears and shrubs

3) Trim and Prune Shrubs, Hedges, and Trees

The dormant winter months are perfect for pruning and cutting perennial plants, as well as the large majority of shrubs and hedges. Both evergreen and deciduous trees can also be pruned during this season, taking care of only cutting failing or decayed branches.

If you don’t know how to do the pruning or are not skilled enough, it may be best to hire a certified tree removal service. Before the worst of the winter hits, it is also highly recommended to have them remove dead large branches or limbs that could become a falling hazard during a severe winter storm.

4) Add Mulch to Your Planting Beds

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There are many benefits of using mulch for your landscape. It is not only aesthetic but also acts as a shield against harsh winter weather and low temperatures, keeping the roots of your plants warm and protected. The recommended mulch depth for planting beds is 1.5 to 2 inches; however, be careful not to cover the trunk of shrubs or trees; doing so can cause the trunk and root to rot if too much moisture is accumulated around the base. Spread the mulch evenly across the bed to the necessary depth, and then contour it by patting down to compact it.    

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