6 Tips to Plan Your Yard’s Landscape Design

Creating a Perfect and Smart Landscape Requires Some Thoughtful Planning and Vision to Avoid Headaches in the Future

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Professional landscape designers will draw a detailed map of your yard detailing the exact location and type of each plant in your new landscape to discuss their ideas with you first. If you don’t want to hire one because you prefer to bring your landscape vision to life yourself or even because of budget reasons, some careful planning is still important before you start planting like crazy and then regret it in the future. Today, we want to tell you about some of the most important things to consider when planning and designing a landscape for your home:

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1) Define the Focal Points

A focal point is something that stands out from the rest, engages and moves you, and where you’d want to draw attention to in the garden. It could be a specific type of tree, a statue, or even a view or an architectural feature of the house. It should also be connected to the rest of the landscape, whether through colors or textures, shapes, and sense of scale. It is also important to note that a focal point needs to stand out, yet not stick out.

2) Plan for Future Access

Keep in mind the equipment access paths that your yard will need, whether it be mowers or other heavy machinery for a future repair, renovation, or additional building project. The last thing you’ll want is to plant and care for a precious tree or shrub, only to have to cut it down to clear the way later on.

3) Add Movement and Curves

A beautiful landscape is alive and vibrant, not static like a painting on your wall. To add some movement, you can plant ornamental grasses that sway in the breeze, flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and berry-producing plants for other birds.

Curves will also add flow and interest to your landscaped yard, but be careful not to overdo them. Long, subtle curves are often best, and if you incorporate curved lines in beds and walkways, you can subtly repeat them with the shape of the plants you choose and the way you arrange them.

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4) Use the Landscape to Highlight your Home

Even the simplest house design has some architectural feature that can be interesting. You can use your carefully thought-out landscape design to soften some edges and accentuate others without completely blocking them with shrubs.

5) Plant the Right Plant in the Right Spot

This step is vital because it will determine the success or failure of the landscape in the future. Before you choose any plants, shrubs, or trees just because you like them, learn everything about them: growth-rate, full-grown size, space, any special care they need, and most importantly, how they interact with the surrounding environment to avoid getting infected with fungus or develop an insect problem.

6) Ready to Start Working on Your Landscape?

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If you have already completed the landscape planning process taking the above tips into consideration and are ready to make it a reality, now all you need are the right landscape materials! At All Around Soil & Stone, we have all the landscaping supplies in Northern Denver that you need to bring your dreamed landscape vision to life.

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