Need Aggregates for Your Next Landscaping Project?

What are Aggregates?

Aggregates are a staple when it comes to building a landscape project. Materials like gravel, mulch, sand, topsoil, among others are all crucial components of your outdoor areas. Together, they work to create a favorable environment where your shrubs, trees, plants, flowers can thrive, grow, and blossom into beautiful, inspiring natural accents.

Types of Decorative Aggregates for Landscape


GravelThis landscaping material is sturdy, meaning that it can handle just about any kind of traffic over an extended period. Gravel is also an excellent substitute for mulch because it helps prevent evaporation from the soil surface.


Mulch is an excellent barrier against weeds. Plus, it will protect your topsoil from the elements and enhances water drainage. Furthermore, colored mulch for garden edging or flower beds can give your landscape a unique finished and styled look.


SandBesides being the number one material for creating a functional child sandbox or a backyard beach hideaway, sand can also be used for creating outdoor seating areas, steps, garden edging, patios, areas exposed to water, and walkways.

Sand is also a choice for fill in gaps between patio stones or interlocking.


Nutrient-rich soil is one of the essential components in your outdoor areas. The topsoil at All Around Soil & Stone is full of nutrients and fertile. Nutrients which are vital to your turfgrass and plant’s ability to develop strong and healthy roots into the ground.

Buy Aggregates for Your Next Landscaping

With easy access to our inventory and top-of-the-line staff that is available for you, we are a trusted source and selection of manufactured and raw landscape materials including topsoil, mulch, gravel, sand, organic compost, boulders, natural stone, flagstone, and much more.

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