Available Boulders For Your Landscaping Projects

Three Amazing Boulders For Your Next Landscaping Project

Boulders are one of the most beautiful and long-lasting additions to a landscape. Every stone is unique, which will add style to create an eye-pleasing setting that allows the home to stand out in the neighborhood. Plus, these rocks require little maintenance, are affordable, and help the ground retain more water. If you want to incorporate a one of a kind element to the landscape, here are three amazing boulders you can use.

Moss Rock Boulders

Moss Rock BoulderMoss Rock is the name given to our local fieldstone and boulders. They are usually black with lichen, round and angular, and come in sizes ranging from eight inches up to 3000 lb pieces. At All Around Soil and Stone, we carry large, 300-2000 lb boulders.

Western Sunset Boulders

This variety of natural rock blends red and orange, with shades of black. It is a perfect option that compliments well with the rustic or southwestern decor. The unique angular shape and palette of colors also match with water features, succulents, and flagstone.

Granite BouldersGranite Boulder

Granite boulders are clean, dense boulders tending to be whitish with black flecks and subtle markings. These big rocks work well in accent or water features. The size of the stones ranges from 300 to 2000 lbs.

All of these rocks will make a unique natural feature, complementing the style of a house, and available for delivery and pickup in Colorado!

Buy Boulders in Colorado

When landscaping in Colorado, many design options match nicely with rocks and boulders. All Around Soil and Stone has the expertise to help you with a great selection of rocks. You can choose the color, size, shape, and texture you desire for your next landscaping project.

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