How Boulder-Scaping Can Transform Your Yard – Part 1

Adding Boulders to Your Landscape

Whenever you want to include boulders into your landscaping project, think local. If natural stones are already present in your yard, use boulders that resemble what’s already in place. That way, they will blend in with the landscape naturally. Avoid using contrasting colored boulders because it will fail to look natural.

Create Wonderful Retaining Walls

You can stop the frustration of having the soil and mulch sliding around with every rainstorm. Use stone work in a hillside landscape to create wonderful retaining walls.

Retaining walls hold in soil and landscape material on a slope. They can also level out an uneven yard. Big boulders will help you hold large areas on steep slopes while bringing a decorative touch and add natural interest to your yard.

landscaping with boulders retaining walls

Garden Edging

Boulders can be used to build borders for raised garden beds. The advantages of raised beds are that they can drain better than in-ground gardens, and may resist better against invading weeds. They also serve as focal points. These stones provide a delineated transition between the garden and the lawn. This can make trimming around the garden easier.

Increase Curb Appeal with Low-Maintenance Gardens

A garden with native plants can be a low-maintenance way to increase the curb appeal of your property. The mix of delicate plants and hard stones adds dimension to your garden. To achieve a better result, arrange boulders with their best face forward.

use boulders in your landscape

Build a Monument Sign

Commercial spaces can take advantage of stonework to build a monument sign. This will help draw attention to your business in Colorado. Plus, a custom stone monument sign lasts almost forever!

Stay tuned to learn more about how you can use boulders in your landscape.

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