Building Unique Retaining Walls

Building Retaining Walls for Your Landscaping

If your next landscaping project on your checklist is to build a retaining wall to improve the look, feel, and usability of a garden, you have come to the right place. Here are some ideas on how to create unique retaining walls.

Make a Creative and Functional Design

Besides serving for holding back soil, you can use a retaining wall to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate multi-use spaces. For example, it can serve as a seating area or as a decorative wall garden.landscaping project

Use Different Materials

The options for building a retaining wall are varied. You can use concrete blocks and then incorporate a stone facade to make it look even better. A brick and stone retaining wall with a curved shape is a unique way to generate a cozy outdoor seating area. Flagstone will bring in a modern feel for your homes outdoor. Or, a retaining wall made of boulders and pebbles organized with mixed plants into the wall area.

Create a Solid Base

Building a solid base is crucial for the success of your retaining wall. It sets the tone for the entire wall. Spend enough time planning this vital component and then start digging out your base several inches below grade and tamp or compact it to level. Add any filler, such as gravel, before adding your first stones or blocks.

Don’t Forget Drainage

Think of adding extra drainage at the base if you have a slope dropping from your retaining wall. Add gravel and a fabric-covered drainage pipe at the base. The fabric will help prevent clogging of the pipe.

Keep It Level

For each course of blocks and stones, be sure to verify the level. That will help maintain a balanced and sturdy wall. Plus, you will keep an even and consistent look.Retaining Walls Landscaping

A retaining wall can be a great feature on our outdoor spaces. Just make sure to follow the above tips to keep your wall safe and secure all year long.

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