Creating a Garden Landscape That Requires Little to No Watering

Water conservation is a crucial aspect in many parts of the country today. However, when people are planning the outdoor areas of their property, they want to have some greenery in it, which also involves a lot of water consumption.

Xeriscaping is the solution to using materials for water-free gardenscape design and planning. These types of landscapes help create water-efficient outdoor areas with no compromise on greenery, balance, and beauty.

You can consult experienced landscapers who will provide you information regarding drought-resistant plants. You can install ground cover, cacti, succulents, etc., for landscapes on commercial and residential properties.

The Art of Xeriscaping 

Conserving water in landscapes without affecting greenery and aesthetics can seem challenging. However, you can choose many different types of materials for water-free gardenscape plans, such as:

Install Native Plants– While it isn’t difficult to get exotic plants for your landscapes, these plantings need a lot of water and care compared to local shrubs and trees. Opting for native plants is a great way to overcome these issues. Local plants are conditioned to local climates and soils and will not need too much water to survive.

Rock Gardens- Incorporating rock gardens in the landscape design is a great way to balance out the greenery, while creating spaces and features that will not need water. Include rocks, boulders, gravel, and brick in the right proportion to create a water-efficient landscape. Dry riverbeds with river rock, aggregates, and various types of sustainable landscaping materials look amazing in the outdoor spaces.

install a water feature in your landscape

A water pond is a great option to reduce the water consumption of your garden.

In addition, you can apply mulch to various open spaces instead of planting grass. The mulch adds a unique touch to the landscape, while helping to retain moisture in the soil. Use sand in certain areas to cover the ground around flowerbeds or along pathways and driveways. 

Hire Skilled Landscapers

You might feel that planning such a landscape involves selecting some local plants and hiring masons for hardscape installation. However, it’s really far more than just that. You must choose plants that need less care and are hardy enough to survive through different temperatures and climatic conditions. The sustainable landscaping materials used in the hardscaping needs to be of good quality, and experts should handle the installation.

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to hire skilled and seasoned landscapers who are knowledgeable about different types of products and techniques. You can contact us for these details, and our expert team is here to help with planning and installing water-efficient, sustainable landscapes on your residential and commercial property.