Creative Ways to Incorporate Lighting in Your Yard

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Yard

Glass jars are not only made for storing things like coffee, cookies, nuts, candy, or any other type of foods. You can turn them into beautiful lighting fixtures, with inexpensive materials. Today, we would like to share with you some creative ways to incorporate lighting into your yard.

Colorful Glass Jar Lights

You can decorate a glass jar with tiny triangles of tissue paper. Glue them to the jar and add a tiny tea light to make it glow a thousand colors, illuminating your outdoor spaces.

Solar Powered Glass Jars

You can easily create a solar-powered glass jar to bring in light to small areas. You can use a Mason Jar, a piece of metal wire and a solar powered lid. Use as many jars as you’d like to create a simple set of outdoor lights.

ideas to illuminate your outdoor spaces

Citronella Candles

Not only your yard will look amazing, but you will keep bugs away. To make your own candles, you will need beeswax and the citronella essential oil, glass jars, and wicks.

Colorful Votives

You need to get colorful glass bottles, metal, and votives. Then, just set them on the windowsills, hang them from a tree, or decorate the seating or table with these beautiful artifacts.

Keep the party going all night with these lighting ideas for your outdoor spaces that are easy to make, install and enjoy.Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Yard

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