Enhance Your Landscape with Gravel

What is Gravel?

Gravel is a very common material used in landscaping to create beautiful and functional gardens. It is made by quarrying and crushing hard-wearing rocks, such as sandstone, limestone, or basalt. Use it as a hard-wearing groundcover and an attractive alternative to grass to boost your garden appeal.

Benefits of Gravel

There are many advantages to using gravel in your garden. One of the most prominent is that this product is easy to maintain. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Creates a neat-looking groundcover
  • Reduces water evaporation and soil erosion
  • Suppresses weeds in planting areas

Benefits of GravelAlso, it is good to mention that gravel is eco-friendlier than paving because it allows water to penetrate the soil, rather than promoting run-off.

Create Unique Gardens with Gravel

You can use gravel to create amazing garden styles.

French Garden

If you are a fan of romantic-style things, a French garden is for you. The perfect place to build a French garden is under a pergola. You can plant bergenia, cotton lavender, gaura, lavender, and rosemary just to mention a few species.

English Garden

A traditional English garden is rectangular or square in shape which can include garden features such as a birdbath or a fountain. Contemporary versions, however, allow for curving lines. The plants you can use include catmint, lavender, gaura, gaillardia, lamb’s ears, irises, agapanthus, and dierama.

Alpine Garden

For this garden type, it is best to select very fine gravel and put it in a stone container on legs. Your plant options include agave, ajuga, bellflowers, California poppies, candytuft, creeping phlox, dianthus, gazanias, ice plant, lavender, portulaca, sedum, sweet alyssum, creeping juniper, etc.

Succulent Garden

This type of garden is a perfect option for arid climates and for landscapes with nutrient-poor soil. Use plants such as agave, cotyledon, hen-and-chicks, purslane, lithops, small aloe species, Senecio, and vygies.

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