The Essential Macronutrients Your Garden Plants Need

Basic Nutrients for Garden Plants

Just like humans need food to function correctly, plants also require food to grow, develop, and stay healthy. Unfortunately, in most gardens, the amount of nutrients present in the soil is hardly sufficient. That is why you need to supplement the nutrient value missing in the ground. Making soil amendments in the form of adding organic compost is what experts in landscaping & gardening recommend.

Also, each species of plant needs different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients. For this reason, there are various formulations available in the market to feed different types of garden plants.

Let’s take a look at the basic nutrients and its function in plants.

Basic Nutrients for Garden Plants


Nitrogen, in the form of nitrate, is critical for foliage and stem growth. Not only does it encourage development but gives the green coloring to leaves by helping with chlorophyll production. When there is not enough nitrogen in the soil, particularly when the soil is cold and wet, plants will present a defiance of nitrate, thus the leaves become pale yellowish-green. Contrary, an excess of nitrogen can lower the amount of potassium in the soil.


This nutrient is a determinant for the germination, and growth of seeds, flowers, fruits, and roots. Clear symptoms of phosphorus deficiency include abnormal discoloration, bluish-green leaves that fall off prematurely. Plus, the overall plants’ growth is reduced. Excessive amounts of this nutrient may lead to potassium deficiency.


The role of potassium is to help the plant produce chlorophyll, which strengthens the plants’ resistance to diseases, insect attacks, and helps to better endure cold conditions. Low amounts of potassium in the soil translates into weak stems. While too much can decrease the amount of calcium and magnesium available in the soil.

experts in landscaping & gardening

Magnesium, Sulphur, and Calcium are also essential elements for your garden plants. Stay tuned to find more information about these nutrients.

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