How to Fix Exposed Tree Roots

Fixing Exposed Tree Roots

Roots above the soil will not only make your landscape look neglected, but it is a safety hazard in and around the home. Worry not! We have put together a list of things you can do to cover those roots. Before getting into the solutions, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for exposed roots.

Lack of Space

If a tree constraint into a small area by buildings, streets, sidewalks, and your house foundation, roots will find their way to the surface rather than spreading into the soil.

Heavy Foot Traffic

Where kids play around the tree’s roots zone, they may pack the soil down or wear away the earth, so it exposes the roots.

Soil Erosion

Slopes and flat areas may suffer from soil erosion caused by the rain, runoff, or wind.

Solutions to Exposed Tree Roots

cover exposed roots

Cover the Roots

Add a layer of organic mulch to cushion and insulate the roots and reduce soil erosion. For better results, use pine bark nuggets, pine straw, or shredded wood mulch. Four inches of mulch will do the trick.

Plant Wisely

To prevent roots from emerging to the surface, get informed about planting strategically, and make sure you choose species that are less prone to surface roots.

Spread Garden Soil

Use a spading fork to carefully break up the one-inch layer of soil around the roots. Next, add two inches of garden soil to your newly broken-up topsoil layer.

Use Shade-Loving Plants

You can plant species like Ajuga, Asiatic jasmine, Periwinkle (vinca), Monkey grass, or Wild violets to cover those surfaced roots. The best times to plant ground cover plants are early spring and late fall.

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