Galvanized Metal Garden Edging

How to Use Galvanized Metal Edging in the Garden

When you are designing landscape features that you want to separate from your lawn, landscape edging is a perfect way to delineate flower beds, walkways, and gardens from lawn areas. Also, galvanized metal edging is a beneficial tool if you want to have complex forms that depend on retaining the clarity of line. Further, it is one of the most effective solutions for landscaped areas where water accumulation may occur. When installed properly, it promotes drainage and offers homeowners other benefits.

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Main Benefits of Galvanized Metal Garden Edging

  • Encourages water flow and proper drainage
  • Keeps grass from invading adjacent beds and paths
  • Keeps plants, and garden materials such as gravel and mulch in place
  • Aids in protecting the foundation of your house from damage caused by ponding water
  • Lasts longer than other edging alternatives as it won’t chip, crack, rot, or become brittle in cold weather

Installation of Galvanized Metal Edging

Galvanized Metal Edging Installation

Dig a trench of four inches, using a shovel to prepare for the edging. For straight sections, use a hammer or a rubber mallet to stack the strips into place. Using a block of wood will protect the metal. That means the edging can be assembled as you place it in the ground. Put each piece so that a female end matches with a male end. With the help of a screwdriver push the tongue in one end through a slot in the other to lock them together. For angled or curved sections, we recommend to assemble or bend the pieces before stacking them into the ground.

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