Hardscape Materials in Colorado

Types of Hardscapes You Can Incorporate Into Your Landscape Design

When you have decided to boost the curb appeal of your outdoor spaces, you have a lot of choices. The hardscaping features are built with different types of materials. Here are the most popular hardscape types for your outdoor living space.

  • BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens
  • decks
  • driveways, paths, steps
  • fire pits and fireplaces
  • fences and retaining walls
  • freestanding Walls
  • garden structures, like arbors, pergolas, and gazebos
  • patios
  • pergolas
  • pool surrounds
  • walkways, walls and, fences
  • water features

Types of Hardscaping Materials

Different materials have their own characteristics that depend on the durability, price, style, and maintenance you desire for your home.


These materials are used as a landscaping surface but are not green. Pea gravel, recycled glass, recycled rubber, river rock, small stones, mulch are all considered loose-material hardscaping.


A variety of materials like brick, concrete, and flagstone are used to create pavers. Placing pavers correctly includes the construction of a permanent border to avoid shifting and sliding. Pavers are normally installed over pea gravel and bedding sand.


flagstonesUse this wonderful material to build up unique courtyards, outdoor patios, and other areas that require hardscaping. Select irregular pieces for a rustic look, or geometric shapes for a more formal appearance. These natural stones can be mortared into a concrete slab, or placed over pea gravel or sand base.

Wood and Faux-Wood

These two hardscaping materials are very popular in deck design. Wood looks fantastic, however, it can splinter, fade, and warp due to continuous exposure to the elements. Faux-wood, on the other hand, offers you all of the aesthetic appeals of natural wood, but without the vulnerabilities mentioned before.

Buy Hardscaping Materials in Colorado

There is no limit to hardscape ideas, from firepits to walkways to driveways and stone retaining walls. Hardscapes add unique appeal and value to your property. Whenever you are ready to start with your new project, buy your hardscaping materials with the best. All Around Soil and Stone offers many different styles and types of hardscape materials.