How Boulder-Scaping Can Transform Your Yard?

Tips for Landscaping with Boulders

Boulders can be used as boundaries in your garden or yard and bring in height and texture to make flat areas more attractive. Here are more ideas to integrate them into your landscaping design.

Create A Fireplaceneed to buy boulders in Colorado

There are many landscaping contractors like All Around Soil and Stone that can help you come up with a custom and cozy fireplace. This element will bring warm on chilly nights into your landscape. Plus, custom stonework will embellish your property.

Consider A Water Feature

Water features simply look amazing when adorned with local boulders. Whether it’s a small birdbath tucked into a garden or a large central water feature, a custom fountain will transform your backyard. Boulders that surround a pond create a zen-like place where you can relax in the outdoors. You can also add to waterfalls weathered surface boulders.

Make It Functional with Furniture

Custom stone furniture is very easy to blend with your landscape. You can also be sure that your neighbor doesn’t have the same table in the catalog! On top of this, stone furniture is durable and will withstand freezing winters and hot, humid summers in Colorado. Further, stone does not fade, warp or change in texture. It may weather the environment better than any other material.

Use them as Pavers

You don’t have to get your feet dirty or wet, or even risk falling. Large boulders hold in the dirt and give you a place to rest your feet and walk confidently. Use this natural paver to create vertical transitions that will complement the beauty of your yard.Landscaping with Boulders

Improving your landscaping with boulders and other elements can add almost 30% to your home’s value and it also makes it amazing.

Should you need to buy boulders of other landscaping materials in Colorado, trust All Around Soil & Stone. We are your premier landscaping supply company in the area. Call us at +1 303-280-0815 to start transforming your outdoor spaces today!