How to Create Rich Soil for Your Garden

Making Better Garden Soil

Fertile soil is determinant to plant health and a garden’s vitality. The type and quality of your soil can significantly affect how successful your garden is and the amount of time you need to work on it.

The ideal soil is a blend of elements that include air, water, and nutrients, creating a substrate for plants to grow. A hospitable environment for plants also requires a well-balanced loam, consisting of a humus-rich balance of silt, sand, and clay. However, even though some gardeners are lucky enough to start with good soil, you must keep maintaining it regularly because it is a living layer that changes naturally with time and the weather.

Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

General Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

  • Before working on your garden soil, we suggest evaluating the type of soil you have to know what is the best way to improve it.
  • To determine whether you need to improve the soil you can perform four soils tests: drainage, earthworms, pH and nutrients tests.
  • Adding organic compost can improve clay or sandy soil, fertility, and add nutrients.
  • Preferably, feed your soil rather than your plants every season and, every time you plant, use organic matter such as compost, rotted manure, and chopped leaves.
  • Never dig when the soil is too wet or too dry. Work it when a fistful of it crumbles easily.
  • Do not walk on your beds as stepping on soil damages its structure. The soil will be compacted, preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching plants.
  • Avoid excessive rototilling or digging, as it will result in gravelly or rock hard soil— and you most likely risk breaking out the rototiller, or breaking your back double digging. Instead, you can let the earthworms do the tilling for you.

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