Instead of Poisoning Your Soil, Use Landscape Fabric

We all hate the never-ending task of pulling weeds from our garden. It is not just a matter of keeping it beautiful and tidy. Weeds are actually harmful to your plants. Many plants and fruit trees can get weak, stunted, and might even produce fewer flowers and fruits because of the nutrients that are stolen by the weeds around it.

Many gardeners apply herbicides and other chemicals in their soils in order to increase the land’s fertility and kill the weeds. Nonetheless, these could be doing to your garden and soil more harm than good. Herbicides and fertilizers are nothing more than poisons designed to kill everything they touch. They will destroy weeds, but also the insects and other lifeforms such as microorganisms vital to keep the ecosystem intact. Even chemical fertilizers will end up destroying your soil’s health, as it will need more and more product to achieve its goal.

Pulling weeds from our garden

Landscape fabric is a non-toxic option to get rid of weeds

Today, landscape designers and homeowners have an affordable and healthier alternative to keep their gardens neat, beautiful, and fertile without applying toxic products to their soils. Landscape fabric is an excellent non-chemical alternative to block off sunlight in order to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Its porous and permeable textile material covers the soil while allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate through.

Benefits of landscape fabric

Landscaping fabric Denver

Landscape fabric is durable and efficient.

Besides avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in your garden, landscape fabric provides excellent benefits such as:

  • Saving time by avoiding constantly pulling out weeds from your garden to keep it neat and healthy.
  • A long-lasting, tough weed barrier that doesn’t need to be applied over and over again while using uncomfortable safety equipment.
  • It is extremely effective in erosion control, especially in gardens located on hills and slopes.

Landscape fabric installation tips

Before installing your landscape fabric, it is important to clear out the area of any weeds, rocks, and debris. Then, use a weed repellent and spray the area. Let it sit for a day or two before you begin to lay down your fabric.

A commercial high-grade landscaping fabric will allow water to flow thru the material, and it does not tear when the rock is applied. Make sure to allow enough coverage to overlap your seams 3-4 inches. You can use fabric pins to hold your seems down or you could use any spare nails you may have hanging around. For slope areas, it is recommended to start at the bottom of the hill, then work your way up. For more tips and information, you can always contact our professional experts.

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