Landscaping with Large Rocks

How to Use Large Rocks in Landscaping

The stones found in your yard are some of the most versatile elements available for a landscape revamp. Large rocks can be used as a unique focal point in your yard or garden; they add texture and contrast, requiring little or no maintenance.

Benefits of Landscaping with Big Rocks

  • Prevent erosion
  • Help to retain moisture in garden beds
  • Instantly improve your home’s curb appeal

Select the Right Rocks for Your Landscape


The rocks you choose will help set the general character for the rest of your landscape area. While river rocks add warmth, white marble chips help bring light into shaded areas. Try black lava rocks to create a Polynesian-themed garden landscape. Use flat terracotta stones to complement a tropical landscape. The options are endless when it comes to landscaping with rocks. Here are a few tips on how to use large rocks in landscaping.

Boost the Beaty of Your Garden

You can mix them with different colors and levels of flowers, grasses, and plants to natural beauty in a yard. Incorporated smaller decorative rocks or mulch, to achieve a winner garden!

Create a Natural Privacy ScreenLarge Rocks in Landscaping

Combine big rocks and boulders, with shrubs and trees to build a natural wall that will increase the privacy to your property.

Build a Solid and Effective Retaining Wall

Big rocks and boulders are excellent materials for creating a reliable and effective retaining wall. This garden feature keeps soil in place on your property and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. The most popular rocks are limestone, fieldstone, and iron range.

Buy Boulders in Colorado

If your property does not have boulders or other big rocks, they should be available at your local landscaping supplier. At All Around Soil & Stone, we have an assortment of rocks so you can pick out the coloring and size you want, and the stone & gravel yards should deliver. Call us at 303-280-0815 to speak with a landscape specialist.