Landscaping Hacks For Small Yards

Many people believe that if they have a small yard, there isn’t much scope to install the types of features they want. But that isn’t the case. Even small yards can feel spacious and open if you plan and design them well.

The Importance Of Proper Yard Layouts And Plans

Yard Design Tips

You can make a small area look great using the proper elements in the right way.

In most cases, the size of the yard has very little to do with whether it is comfortable for use and looks inviting. Many homeowners conduct research online or go through home improvement, gardening, and landscaping magazines to determine which feature would be a good addition to their yards.

When it comes to yard plans and designs, the sky is the limit. If you aren’t too sure of how to go about the landscape design project, you should hire experienced professionals for the job. They have the skills, knowledge, and resources to provide creative yard plan ideas and will suggest which features would help you make optimal use of the available space.

Design Ideas For Small Yards

Here are some unique design ideas that you can incorporate into your landscape design so that you have a welcoming, practical yard that is a pleasure to use and look at:

  • Container gardens– If you have a small yard, without much ground space with soil for flower beds and plants, you should focus on container gardening. Install shrubs and flowering plants in low bowls, pots, repurposed crates and boxes and urns.
  • Go vertical– You can install living walls or attach/hang containers to walls and use them as planter spaces. Similarly, you can suspend plants from wall hangers, beams, and eaves.
  • Install a no-fuss deck or patio- Even a small outdoor living feature can add dimension to a compact yard and help to create a comfortable space to relax in. When you contact the landscaping professionals and discuss your requirements, they will tell you which plants would thrive in semi-shade conditions and would require minimal care.
  • A small outdoor kitchen- Your deck or patio can double up as a BBQ space or mini outdoor kitchen. You can install a single counter with a basic grill and table-top refrigerator.
  • Smart Seating- Instead of having too many individual pieces of furniture, consider including walls with inbuilt seating in your landscape design. They help to demarcate spaces in the yard while providing adequate seating.

As you can see, there are many simple ways to design and plan small yards that will be a pleasure to use and a value-add to your home.