Landscaping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Four Most Common Landscaping Errors

One of the first things your visitors see is your home’s outdoor area (frontward, backyard, patio, flower-garden. So you decide to make landscaping your yard a personal project. Here is a list of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Pairing Incompatible Plants

We all know that planting different plants will give a diversity of beautiful colors. However, you have to take into account that each plant has its shade and sunlight requirements. You should only mix plants that like the same types of environments. That also means that you should avoid planting water-loving plants next to ones that need less. If their requirements are too divergent, one or both plants won’t thrive.

Neglecting Outdoor Areas

Landscaping MistakesNot tending to weeds, not mowing or fertilizing your turfgrass, not pruning at all, neglecting hedge trimming, or not doing anything to provide maintenance to your yard will end up in an aesthetic disaster. The key to successful landscape areas is taking care of them appropriately. Pay attention to your backyard and front yard.

Placing Shrubs and Trees too Close to the House

This also includes planting too close to decks, patios, and pools. Plant them at least 4 feet away from your home so their limbs won’t rub against your roof or siding. Also, their roots eventually spread throughout the area, damaging your patio, sidewalks, walkways, and your foundation.

Furthermore, an overly cluttered landscape is distracting and not pleasant to the eyes. Not only do flowers, shrubs, and trees need good air circulation, the last two will grow quite large, so if it looks overcrowded now, wait a few years, and it’ll get worse.

Overwatering Plants

Common Landscaping ErrorsAll your grass, shrubs, trees, and plants, in general, have different watering needs. So, you should add water only if they are showing symptoms of dehydration such as brown or yellow colors, wilted leaves, slow growth, among others. Plants probably need little or no extra water. The other way to know if you need to water them is by looking at the soil. If it is sandy, you will need to water your plants more often. Otherwise, you risk overwatering your plants.

In sum, nothing ruins the aesthetic appeal of a landscape quite like these mistakes.

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