Landscaping Tips: Consider Native Plants and Greenery

When it comes to getting your yard looking its best with healthy vibrant plants and greenery, it can be difficult to make the right decision about what to include. You may be tempted to incorporate some of the trendy plants you see on Home and Garden Television or on social media, but it’s difficult to know if these are actually going to fare well in your garden. Here’s one of the more well-kept landscaping tips: use native plants and greenery for your garden.

Using Native Plants and Greenery in Your Garden

Not only will these plants match with the rest of the surrounding geography, but they will also fare much better throughout the year than other non-native plants. Tropical and exotic plants may seem like a good investment at the time, but they can be pricey and require much more maintenance than those native to Colorado. Incorporating some of the following plants will allow you to achieve a beautiful natural look while also creating a healthier garden:

A flower on a garden

Using plants and greenery that are native to your area is one of the best landscaping tips to improve your yard.                                               Photo by Manik Roy on Unsplash

  • Black Eyed Susans
  • Geraniums
  • Sulphur Flower
  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon
  • Goldenrod
  • Prairie Sage
  • Rabbitbrush

These plants are accustomed to the varying weather of Colorado and will grow more symbiotically with the rest of the environment. They also provide a great home for some of the important insects and other animals native to our climate. Best of all, many of the grasses and plants from within the area are drought resistant and are capable of surviving those harsh summer dry spells.

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