Minimize Weeds in Your Garden with Mulch

The Great Weed Suppressant

Mulch is one of the greatest allies for gardeners when it comes to combating weeds. Basically, this amazing product nourishes your soil while suppressing weeds, maintaining soil moisture, and moderating the temperature.

Which Type of Mulch Should You Choose?

buy mulch in coloradoYou have two options when it comes to mulch, inorganic and organic mulches. Inorganic mulches are made of glass, plastic, or rubber, and, contrary to the organic ones, they do not break down over time. Organic mulches decompose, adding nutrients to the soil. So, preferably, use organic mulches for a healthier soil. The most common types of organic mulch include shredded or chipped bark, chopped leaves, straw, cocoa hulls, pine needles, and compost.

How to Apply Mulch

Eliminate any weeds that are already growing or established in the area you want to mulch. Remember to wear gloves. Then, smoothly rake the area to collect and get rid of any old mulch, debris, or lingering, rocks, sticks, and twigs. Place a black plastic sheeting on the ground, you can also use a landscaping fabric. For the plastic sheeting, make small “X” shapes and dig a little hole in each one so new plants can grow through it. Place one plant inside each hole. Apply a maximum of a four-inch layer mulch over the entire surface of the plastic sheeting. To hide the material, spread the mulch over the edges. Now you are all set.

Mulching Tips

To receive the most benefits when using organic mulch, here are some tips:

  • Apply two to three-inch layer to the soil
  • Verify that it isn’t pushed up against your plants
  • Give your plants an inch or so of space
  • Replenished from time to time
  • Add an inch of mulch yearly, in spring or fall

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