Removing Ice and Snow from Your Wood Deck

How to Remove Ice and Snow from a Wood Deck?

Removing ice and snow from your outdoor areas is one of the most crucial landscaping maintenance tasks. There are two main reasons why you should remove ice and snow from your deck. First, to prevent damage from moisture and avoid a collapse caused by excessive weight. Second, maintaining it will avoid a slippery deck surface. With that in mind, here is a simple guide on how to remove ice and snow off your deck.


  • warm clothing that allows for movement and work
  • plastic shovel
  • cat litter or sand

Scoop and Chip

landscaping maintenanceGrab the shovel and start clearing the deck.
Pick up the snow with the scoop and move it off the deck. You should push snow parallel to your deck boards. Next, with the edge of the shovel, start chipping the ice away with the shovel. Discard any small sheets of ice that break away.

Removing the Ice

Use a de-icing product safe for wood (children and pets) at any local hardware store. Make sure to shovel off the water, so ice does not form again. You can also apply hot water to melt and break up the ice.

Using Cat Litter

Finally, to prevent the problem from coming back spread a layer of cat litter or sand on the deck. After a spell of cold weather has come to its end, you can easily hose it off and clean it up.

More Tips

  • Do not hit ice patches with a shovel.
  • Never use a metal shovel as it will damage the wood surface.
  • Use a leaf blower to quickly remove lighter layers of snow.

Your deck is an essential part of your landscaping. With these tips, you will maintain the structural integrity of your deck while preventing slips and falls.wood deck

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