How a Retaining Wall Can Help Protect Your Landscape

Why Install a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a landscaping feature that frames and shapes a landscape and provides you with protection to your lawn, flower or vegetable gardens. It will add aesthetic value to your home. These walls are essential for properties located on hills and slopes. A homeowner can place them on a steep slope or slumping hillside that can add additional space for your backyard BBQs or protect roadways and buildings. When designed and constructed correctly, you will obtain several benefits.

Increase Usability of your yard

Use a retaining wall as a barrier to separate different sections of your yard and optimize organization. Build an outdoor BBQ on one side of your retaining wall and plant a vegetable garden on the other, for instance. You can also use this landscaping feature to level out drastically sloped backyards, creating flat spaces that address drainage issues and increase usable space.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

landscaping feature

A retaining wall is a versatile landscape element. You can use it to incorporate a stone fire pit into one, install outdoor light fixtures, constructing vertical gardens, and much more. Plus, you can personalize to fit the style of your home.

Help Manage Water Runoff

One of the most critical functions of a retaining wall is that it will help you reduce the erosion caused by water runoff. This barrier will hold loose soil in place and give water a safe draining route. Plus, it helps to protect patios and driveways from harsh sunlight and wind damage.

There are different types of retaining walls that include anchored walls, cantilever walls, buttress or counterfort walls, gravity walls, and pilling walls. No matter the designer you choose, you may want to hire professionals to build your retaining walls.

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