Types of Retaining Walls for Your Landscape

Multiple Retaining Wall Design Options

On a previous post, we spoke about the benefits of retaining walls for your landscape. But, do you know what the different types of retaining walls are? The most common ones are:

Anchored Wall

An Anchored retaining wall is a very strong and stable feature, as cables are added to increase the strength of the structure, and then, anchors are expanded in the ground for more stability.

Cantilever Wall

A cantilever wall is a single-layered structure that has the same thickness throughout and has a base that is connected to a slab. It requires steel reinforcement in both the base and slab. The steel extends from the base to the slab so that the wall works as a cohesive unit. This increases its capacity to stabilize pressure.

Gravity WallGravity Wall

This wall holds in the earth by the weight of the wall material. It could be a stack of large rocks or pavers. Use a gravity wall only for short slopes of 3 feet or less.

Piling Wall

A sheet pile wall uses long poles that go deep into the soil as well as above it. The pilings can be made of treated lumber or metal. They have a great capacity to hold back the soil.

Retaining walls are landscaping features that need to be well designed and constructed so they perform as they should. Also, the best materials for the job depend on the cost, function, and height of the retaining wall. For these reasons, you want experts to help you to assess the soil in the area you plan to place your wall.

Buy Quality Materials for Your Retaining Walls

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