The Best Time to Start a Landscaping Project

Landscape All-Year-Round

You can start a landscaping project at any time of the year. The only must is that the ground should not be frozen, and someone or something is there to water your lawn and plants. However, there are some variations according to the type of project you select to carry on.

Planning the Project

Landscaping requires plenty of time for planning and preparation. That is why we recommend taking advantage of the long days of winter to spend some time planning your next steps. Plus, during the cold months, you will find bargain deals at landscaping suppliers and retail garden shops, so you can buy beforehand some supplies for your outdoor projects.

Hardscape Installation,

Hardscape Installation

The best time of the year to embark on a hardscape project is late fall. This is because you are probably done with outdoor activities for the year, and your new patio will be ready to go in the spring. Consider early spring to do smaller hardscape projects like entryways and walkways.

New Lawn Installation

Just like any other plant, cool air and extra moisture are key to getting a healthy new lawn installed. That means most grass species should be planted in the spring or the fall. While you can put down grass during the summertime, we don’t recommend it. Instead, any time after August 15th is prime lawn time. This is because the warm soil in combination with cooler air temperatures will encourage far better seed germination.

Planting Installation

 landscaping projectFall is the best time to install most of the species of shrubs and trees. Cool air and increased precipitation make mid-September through early November the best months for new plants to get established. As for perennials and annuals, springtime works best. Keep in mind that late summer and fall yield juicy discounts on landscape plants.

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