Creating a beautiful and well-balanced landscape involves using the right kind of materials, products, and features. In addition to the living elements or softscaping in a garden, you also need to include some hardscaping, and that’s where things like pavers, brick, boulders, and landscape rocks come in. Used in the right locations and the right measure, they can balance the landscape, enhancing it’s aesthetic significantly.

What Are Moss Rocks?

how to use some natural stones in your garden

Letting moss grow on your rocks can provide amazing looks to your landscape.

These landscaping stones are also called decorative moss rocks or field rocks. They are widely used in residential and commercial landscaping projects and are the perfect combination of the beauty of plants with stone. Many property owners like the idea of including moss rock products in their landscapes, and you will find a wide variety of them to choose from.

These stones come in different shapes and sizes and will have many nooks and crannies. They could be silver-grey to dark grey and have moss growing on them, making every piece truly unique in design and appearance. You can use a mix-and-match of big and small landscape rocks to create the desired effect and aesthetic.

Creating Landscapes With Moss Rocks

If you have vast outdoor spaces, you can opt for larger landscape rocks of varying sizes to create an attractive feature that can be the focal point in the outdoor space. If you prefer something more subtle or have a more compact yard, you can select smaller moss rocks and include them in various areas of the landscape. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to using moss rocks in landscaping.

You can check online for inspiration and landscape design ideas. Moss rocks tend to stay in better condition when placed in a humid environment. Its why most landscaping professionals recommend installing them near water features like pools, ponds or waterfalls. However, there is no restriction on the placement of them. The moss will thrive even in a lawn with a sprinkler system as it will get regular watering to grow well.

You can always contact us with your requirements. Our experts are here to consult with you, understand your particular needs before coming up with landscaping ideas and offering their input. Installing large moss rocks requires specialized equipment, and the supplier will transport and place the rocks in the desired spots in your landscape.