The First Steps to DIY Landscaping

Are you overwhelmed with the idea of starting your very first DIY landscaping project? It’s okay to be freaked out. However, having some first steps to DIY landscaping can definitely help you feel confident and give you an idea of where to start. It is important to know that there are two types of landscaping designs – one is hardscaping, and the other is softscaping. How do you know which landscaping step you need to take first? Hardscape or softscape? Find out more through this guide.

Understanding the Difference Between Hardscaping & Softscaping

Basically, everything hard in your yard, which includes concrete, stones, and bricks, makes up a hardscape. The soft-growing stuff like trees, succulents, perennial flowers, and shrubs make up softscapes. While hardscape is not living, softscape actually is. After knowing the basic distinction, the process gets a bit simpler, but having specific details about each will make it so you can get started landscaping.

Hardscape Elements

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Elevate your yard with hardscape and softscape landscaping.

Here are some characteristics of hardscapes:

  • Hardscape elements are hard and inanimate objects, but they can be moved, such as; gravel, pavements, and stones.
  • These substances can be natural or artificial.
  • Hardscaping substances have a positive impact on the health of your landscape. The pavement, for instance, stops excess water from soaking into the soil and reduces the external contaminants such as chemicals and road salts.

Softscape Elements

Here are some characteristics of softscapes:

  • Softscape materials are soft horticultural components in your yard that are living and growing; these can easily include ground covers, flowers, trees, and shrubs.
  • Softscapes constantly change as they adapt to the natural elements.
  • They are soft to the touch and not hard at all as they comprise of blades of grass, leaves, and flower petals.
  • A brick wall does not count as a softscape.

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