Three Types of Sand for Your Landscapes

Uses for Sand in Landscaping

Sand is a landscaping product that can be adapted to many different functions transforming an unused outdoor area from a flat, boring place to a calming spot or a beach-like area. Whether you want to design a safe play area for your kids or want to use sand between stone pavers to create a garden path, understand the main differences between the types of commercial products that are available for outdoor applications. Here are the three most common types of sand.

Mason Sand

types of sand, Uses for Sand in LandscapingWe recommend using mason sand for pavers, patios, swimming pools, or mixing with mortar and concrete for laying stone and bricks. This type of sand is the perfect foundation for your next landscaping project.

Concrete Sand

This type of sand is adequate as a sand leveling medium or a base layer for raised patios, ground pools, and walkways. It is a homogenous mix of cement and sand with excellent coarseness properties. You can also use it to replenish beach sand in your volleyball court.

White Sand

sandbox sandAlso known as sandbox sand, it frequently is used in beaches, volleyball courts, and of course, sandboxes. Its fine texture is ideal for play. Besides, this type of sand offers the optimum sand quality for building sand sculptures and sandcastles. If you want to create a unique place to play in your backyard, or for beach sand, then, white sand (free of silica) is a great choice.

Using sand will not only make an ideal foundation for your landscaping projects but also will add a dramatic impact to your landscape, boosting its beauty and functionality.

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