Tips to Landscape Your Parking Strip

What is a Parking Strip?

The parking strip is the patch of grass between the street and the sidewalk. This element is one of the first things visitors may see when pulling up to your house. Typically, we tend to fill the area with grass, but there are other creative approaches that you can implement. With so many landscaping supplies like decorative rocks or quality mulch, you can go lawn-free.

Parking Strip Design Tips

  • If you decide to keep the grass, amend the soil in the strip for new plantings. Use gravel for improving the drainage.
  • Use low-growing, soft plants such as succulents, flowering perennials, small ornamental grasses, or wildflowers, and do not overcrowd the strip.
  • landscaping suppliesDon’t plant anything that will get too tall. Check your city codes and ordinances on how tall your park strip plantings can be.
  • Avoid planting anything that will harm pedestrians or scratch vehicles parked along the road.
  • For grass and plant-free parking strips, redesign your strip with a combination of granite, river rocks, and small boulders along with flat footpaths to provide easy access for visitors. Rather than using grass, fill the area with Ivy that is a simple, low-maintenance alternative to traditional turf grass.
  • And last, but not least, Keep in mind that anything you do to your parking strip should match with the rest of your yard and not contrast with the overall curb appeal.
  • Short of ideas? Take a look at how other homeowners or your neighbors have designed their parking strips and draw inspiration from the most appealing and creative examples.

Buy Landscaping Supplies for Your Parking Strip

At All Around Soil and Stone, you can find everything you need to redesign your parking strip. We offer decorative rocks, dirt products, edging & fabric, flagstone, garden rocks & boulders, mulches, sand & gravel, among many others. Call us at  303-280-0815 to speak with a landscaping specialist.