Understanding the Elements That Make Up Outdoor Living Areas

Creating a Fully Functional Landscape

Hardscaping and softscaping are the two most important features used in landscaping. A well-designed outdoor living area incorporates hardscape and softscape components to ensure you have a unique landscape design in place. Let’s take a deeper look to understand the distinction between the two.

Hardscape Components

Hardscape is anything used in a landscaping design that can be natural or man-made materials, especially any masonry work or woodwork. They are solid and unchanging items that make up the structure of the landscape design.

Examples of hardscape features include:

  • Parts of the landscape such as gravel, paving, and stones
  • Decks and gazebos
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Pavers for paths or patios, walkways, and water features
  • Outdoor kitchens

Hardscape elements help to prevent excess water absorption. Also, installing paved walkways and stone benches contribute to reducing soil erosion, while fences ensure privacy.

Hardscape Components

Softscape Components

Softscape is the living part of the landscape. They change and evolve continually, and are easy to move. Examples of softscape features include:

  • Flowers
  • Trees, perennials, shrubs
  • Grass, vegetables, vines
  • Turf and color schemes.

Softscape elements are necessary to maintain the ecological balance of the natural environment.

Softscape Components

The idea is to create a balance between hardscaping and softscaping. Mix them together in a way that incorporates the best aspects of both worlds. This helps to bring out the beauty of the living elements and give the entire landscape project a unique shape and diversity of texture, with more of a three-dimensional look.

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