How to Use Cobblestones in Your Landscape

All You Need to Know About Cobblestones

Cobblestones are river rocks (highly durable stones, usually made of basalt or granite) that were often used to pave streets in ancient times. Nowadays, you can use cobblestones to create unique landscaping features.


Besides unique construction patios with cobblestones, you can also integrate these rocks into your patio with other natural stones to add texture and flair to the design.


Cobblestones make a perfect material for high-traffic areas such as patios because of their textured finish.

Local CobblestoneGranite cobblestones keep grass out of the areas not intended for the lawn to grow and make a crisp lawn edging for walkways while enhancing the look of your property. The combination of granite cobblestone borders and bluestone pavers delivers a rustic yet elegant appearance to the entryways.

Garden Borders and Plant Beds

These rocks create a secure border, thick enough to ensure that you can mow your lawn without risking damage to the other plants and your flower beds. Your garden borders and landscape bed tree rings will also look amazing with cobbles.

Water Features

Cobblestones Water FeaturesA water feature always brings life (birds and other animals) to your landscape and acts as a relaxing and focal point in your outdoor living space. You can create incredible water features, like little fountains, or even an in-ground pond with granite cobblestones. Use natural stone for edging to connect water with the surrounding environment in an organic way. Plus, this gives a clean and maintained appearance to your landscapes.

Using cobblestones in your landscape will add old world accent, traction, and outstanding durability.

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