Using Your Landscaped Yard & Trees for Christmas Decorations

Happy Holidays

Christmas time we are closed on Xmas eve and Xmas day – Happy Holidays!

Add Some Light and Color to the Outside of Your Home This Holiday Season!

Who doesn’t love Christmas decorations? When it comes to celebrating the holidays, filling our homes with themed motifs has pretty much become another American tradition. There are even some neighborhoods with organized competitions to choose the house with the best outdoor Christmas décor and win a prize!

So, in the spirit of the season, today we want to give you a couple of ideas to take advantage of your landscaped yard and include your trees and shrubs as part of the decorations.Christmas yard decorations

Outdoor Christmas Trees

If you have any kind of evergreen tree in your yard, it can make a great natural Christmas tree,  and even better if there are more than one! This is so easy to do that you may even feel silly if you haven’t considered it before.

Simply string threads of mini-lights of the color of your choice throughout the interior branches to make them look brighter, and add some light-reflecting ornaments as well. Let your creativity flow freely, as it will most likely be the focus point of your entire yard decorations.

Illuminating the Walkways with Lights


Have a walkway leading up to your front door, or maybe meandering around your backyard? Pathway lights are just perfect to create a bright and warm path to the front door or to wander around in your landscaped garden.

You can DIY by using stakes to hold the strings of lights in place. Keep in mind the amount of snow that you usually get during the season, as the height of the stakes will depend on that! For the lights, you can either use LED or incandescent bulbs and clear or multicolor lights. If there any trees or bushes along the walkway, you can also put some more lights on them for a truly breathtaking scene.

Christmas Lights Yard-Balls

If you have a large front lawn, these will make your home a favorite. You can make them with different color lights and wrap them around chicken wire balls of different sizes, then place them all over the lawn to create a jaw-dropping effect!

All Around Soil & Stone Wishes You All a Merry Christmas!

It is our sincere hope that you get to spend quality time and enjoy the Holiday Season with your loved ones. We will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to do so ourselves, but then we will be back to continue delivering all the landscaping materials our clients need to keep their Metro Denver homes beautiful throughout the year!

Merry Christmas