Integrating Water Features into Your Landscape

Create Calm in Any Yard with Water Features

The key component in a backyard sanctuary is water. You do not have to live by the river or the seaside to incorporate water features into your landscape. Water does more than creating a calm ambiance in your yard. Here are some of the advantages that water features bring to any landscape design.

Benefits of Water Features

  • Increase the value of your property.
  • The sound of water can relax people and muffle annoying noises coming from traffic and neighbors.
  • Pools and ponds are gathering spaces where people can hang around. These watery focal points can keep you outdoors longer.
  • They will attract natural wildlife. Shortly after the water feature is installed, you may notice different birds twittering in your trees.
  • Low maintenance. Unlike other backyard features, if you line them correctly, you don’t have to deal with soil, mulch, or weeds.

Water Features Ideas

A Small Fountain

Beginning exploring water features by using a streamlined version for an end table or a confined space on your patio. These small water features are ideal projects for balconies, small decks, and other intimate dining or sitting areas.

Bird Bath

If you aim to have a focal point and attract wildlife, a bird bath offers a simple structure on which to build a design. Use colorful flowers and evergreen plants around it.Birdbath Water Feature

One-of-a-Kind Boulder Fountain

The key to a successful custom fountain is to use elements that complement the shapes, textures, and style of the garden. Large boulders are ideal for creating a one-of-a-kind fountain design.

In-Ground Pond

You can easily integrate a small pond into your landscape to bring custom style. With water-loving plants such as lilies, this feature can be combined with any other landscaping features to create multiple points of interest.

In-Groud Pond Water Feature

Stand-Alone Pond

Recommended for gardeners who want a less-expensive and more manageable option than a large pool. A stand-alone pond can also help you learn the basics of water gardening before embarking on grander scale projects.

If you have decided to incorporate water features into your landscaping design, All Around Soil & Stone can provide you with the landscaping supplies you need. Browse our website to learn more about our products.