Why You Should Consider Installing Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is quite a useful product; however, it needs to be used mindfully for specific areas in a garden or yard space. If you have decided that you want to use it, there are particular landscape fabric installation steps that you would need to keep in mind. Following these steps would help ensure that the fabric is set correctly and that it serves its purpose well.

Landscape Fabric Installation Tips

Here are some pointers you can use while installing landscape fabric:

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    Landscape fabric is a great option for backyards, but it requires installation knowledge.

    Add soil amendments; this is a crucial aspect that you cannot afford to skip. Once the fabric is in place, you would not be able to add any organic matter or compost to it unless you remove the fabric again. Organic matter is crucial to add nutrition to your soil and help your plants thrive. Add a sufficient amount of compost and manure as required.

  • After the soil amendment, break up all the clumps and smooth the surfaces using a rake.
  • Ensure that the tightness of the weave and the thickness of the material is good enough as it will have a bearing on the fabric’s durability.
  • Ensure that the edges of the soil are a minimum of three inches below the grade of finished pathways, lawns, or edging.
  • Bring the edges of your soil at least 3″ below the finished grade of pathways, edging, or lawn.
  • Set the landscape fabric fuzzy-side down, right against the soil as that is how it will adhere to the soil’s surface.
  • Fold the fabric up 1 inch along all the edging.
  • Overlap the fabric by a foot.
  • Pin the fabric down at one-foot intervals.
  • Cut holes for plants- these should not be flaps or x’s.

Landscape Fabric Benefits

There are a significant number of benefits to using landscape fabric such as:

  • Prevents rocks and other inorganic mulches from sinking into your soil.
  • Prevents the growth of weeds.
  • Reduces the requirement for herbal weed control.
  • It is a good idea in areas where there is soil erosion or sloping land.
  • Helps in moisture retention.

There are numerous landscape fabric benefits; as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to choose the right products. You can contact us for any more information you need about landscape fabric installation. Experts will also help you choose the right quality and quantity of material based on your needs.