Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Caring for Your Landscape in Winter

Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean you have to stop your landscape maintenance tasks. Caring for your vegetative areas during the winter will ensure you have beautiful and healthy plants all-year-round. Our landscaping experts have put together a list of six essential maintenance tips you can follow to help your outdoor areas survive the winter.


Providing the right amount of water to your plants is critical even in winter. Following a proper watering plan will ensure healthy, blooming plants next spring.


winter landscaping maintenance tipsThe application of mulch in winter is mandatory. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to apply a thicker layer of mulch than you do in other seasons. It should be at least eight inches of high-quality and organic mulch. The mulch should be applied in circular patterns, around the shrubs and trees, without touching the bark.


Reach out to experts for advice when fertilizing in winter, to avoid applying the incorrect amount that may damage your plants.  Plus, some fertilizers don’t work in cold temperatures.

Weed Control

There are some winter weeds that are waiting to ruin your lawn and flowerbeds. However, the use of herbicides and weed killer products in winter may be useless or detrimental. Consult with your local landscape maintenance company to help you choose the best winter products.landscape maintenances task


Grass clippings and leaves must be removed, which will help keep pests away. Plus, you will prevent mold, fungi, and disease development. Rake regularly in winter and let the soil breathe.

Protecting Your Plants

Your shrubs and trees need an extra-hand to endure the winter. Use burlap and boughs to make sure the frost or winds don’t harm them. Install fences and other winter-resistant types of protection for your flowers and vegetables. You can also apply a ”winter overcoat” to your evergreens to keep cold temperatures and winds from burning the leaves and needles.

Stay tuned for more tips to make your garden thrive through the coldest days.

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